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Pierce Coach Line, formed in 1940, is one of four incorporated strategic business units consolidated under the operations of its holding company, Pierce Recreation, Inc. Pierce Coach Line formed Willow Bus Service, Inc. in 1961 as a wholly owned subsidiary. The owners of Pierce Coach Line are its sole corporate officers. The owners and officers of Pierce Coach Line are also the sole owners and officers of all the above-mentioned family corporations. Background information of owner-officers Douglas W. Pierce, Gregory C. Pierce, and Forrester W. Pierce III are available upon request. All the stock shares of Pierce Coach Line are owned equally by its officers.

The family of Pierce business enterprises share a common thread. They focus on serving the transportation, education, and recreation needs of our children. As part of this integrated group of child-centered businesses, Pierce Coach Line shares the financial strength and managerial expertise of the Pierce family's joint business enterprises.

Pierce Coach Line maintains a year round, 24 hour, 7 day a week rapid response operation tailored to address both the changing transportation needs of your school district, and any emergency situations that may arise. All its facilities are located in Roslyn. Owner-officer Doug Pierce, and Maintenance Superintendent Clyde Sealey live on the facility site. Owner-officers Greg Pierce and Forrester Pierce III live with their families next door. The Maintenance Superintendent and all four owner-officers are connected to our "after-hours" phone service.

Lawrence H. Pierce, President

Troy Pierce, Operations Director

Peggy Bridgewater, Transportation Supervisor

Michael Rodrigues, Repair Shop Manager

Richard Lohmann, Safety Director


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